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Construction of two submarines under licence for the Italian Navy

The construction contract was signed between the multinational project organization
OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en Matière d’Armement) and Fincantieri,
which will build the submarines as prime contractor. thyssenkrupp Marine Systems had
already signed a contract with the Italian shipyard Fincantieri on 23 December 2020 for the
licensed construction of two Type U212A submarines for the Italian Navy.
To date, Fincantieri has built four Type U212A boats for the Marina Militare (Italian Navy) with the support of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. The order for the construction of two additional submarines of the Type 212 NFS (Near Future Submarine) will initially expand the fleet to six boats. This continues the successful cooperation between thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Fincantieri and the Italian Navy that has existed since 1996.

Dr. Rolf Wirtz, CEO: “The Italian Navy appreciates the quality of our design and is
consequently building on a successful cooperation with thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and
Fincantieri in the future.”

Christian Rogge, Head of Operating Unit Submarines: “We are pleased to have now
successfully concluded years of discussions and negotiations in the face of the adverse
circumstances related to the coronavirus!”

As part of its supply and service obligations, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems will manufacture certain components in Kiel. Thus, in addition to the boat design itself, the bow sections of the boats, the fuel cell systems and various small components will have to be delivered to Fincantieri. Fincantieri will manufacture the boats in Italy as prime contractor, commission them and deliver them to the Italian Navy via the multinational project organization OCCAR.

As an option, licensed construction for two further boats in Italy has been agreed.
The Type U212A boats have been in service with the German Navy since 2004 and were
subsequently adopted by the Italian Navy. As part of a procurement cooperation between
Norway and Germany that has been in place since 2017, thyssenkrupp Marines Systems is
currently working on an order for the production, commissioning and delivery of a total of six U212CD (Common Design) submarines.



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