MILCIS Damen Naval has contracted RENK to supply the gearbox systems for the new Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) frigates. The Dutch shipyard is building four new frigates, two each for the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Belgian Navy. The contract includes eight gearboxes that are part of the CODLAD (Combined Diesel-Electric And Diesel) propulsion system. There is also a special Dutch connection as RENK’s subsidiary Schelde Gears B.V. will provide support in design and service activities.

 Damen Naval and RENK have developed a propulsion system solution that meets the requirements of an Anti-Submarine Warfare frigate, focusing on quiet propulsion and high resilience to external impacts.

“We have a long working relationship with RENK, and we are delighted to have them on board for this project as well,” says Project Director Joop Noordijk of Damen Naval. “The ASW frigates will be unrivalled in both design and capabilities, and we can’t wait to see them take shape in the coming years. We are steadily finding our suppliers and partners for this project, and we are particularly pleased that with Schelde Gears, this contract has a connection so close to home to us.”

Damen Naval already uses RENK’s customised propulsion solutions for the German F126 multi-purpose combat frigates for the German Navy and the globally successful Sigma-class frigates. This contract adds the ASW frigates to the list.

“This propulsion system sets a milestone in the naval segment, and this order fits seamlessly into the close cooperation between our two companies,” says Nils Oesterlen, Head of Marine at RENK. “Proven components from propulsion systems such as the German F125 and F126 frigates, the Italian FREMM or the Korean FFX-III class make the gearboxes the robust, easy-to-maintain and reliable centrepiece of the propulsion system.”

In addition, RENK will support the Dutch maritime industry with its Dutch subsidiary Schelde Gears B.V., which, like Damen Naval, is based in Vlissingen. The first gearboxes are due to arrive for installation in October 2025. The first of the ASW frigates is scheduled for delivery by Damen Naval in 2028.

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