Major Asian Tri-Service exhibition is primed for action in November.
ASEAN is now fully embarked on military modernization, making it one of the fastest-growing regions for military spending in the world. With rapid economic development and geo-political instability in the region ASEAN countries are increasing their defense spending and military modernization making Defense & Security 2013 one of the biggest Defense & Security exhibitions ever held in the region.

Defense & Security is now a world recognized success and certainly one of the most important tri-service military exhibitions in the ASEAN region. Based on the concept of International Defense Cooperation, Defense & Security 2013 will mark the show’s tenth anniversary. The multi-national event in neutral Thailand has proved to be an ideal place to showcase the latest military hardware and software.

This year’s exhibition will host over 400 world leading defense & security companies from all three Services – Land, Sea & Air – plus Internal Security. Most of the world’s leading defense and security companies have confirmed participation. Top names include: Saab, AM General, Harris, MBDA, IMI, Rafael, Rohde&Schwarz, Brahmos, Thales, Lockheed Martin, Ukrspecexport, Diehl, Atlas Elektronic GmbH, ST Kinetics, Oto Melara, CPMIEC, Tawanzun, Glock, Beretta, Aselsan, Roketsan, Navantia and many others. There will also be 19 National Pavilions from Belarus, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, USA and Thailand.

Thousands of high-ranking military officers, security personnel and decision makers are expected to attend and over 200 official delegations including the Ministers of Defense from 25 countries – especially those from the ASEAN region – will be present. 

Defense & Security 2013 – Now a Must-Attend Event.

The 2013 exhibition will feature a full display of defense and internal security equipment and will include weapons systems, guns, missiles, tanks, UAV’s, transport vehicles, vessels, satellites, telecom & a wide range of electronic defense technology. Manufacturers of fire control systems, launchers and other important military systems and hardware will also be present.

The Internal Security section, will display equipment ranging from security products such as CCTV, intruder alarms, access & electronic security, personal hand guns, body armour, riot control equipment, protective gloves, night-vision technology, communication jamming devices and many other cutting-edge products from major manufacturers.

Over 200 official and non-official delegations representing more than 25 countries will be present at this year’s show and personal invitations have been sent directly to 57 foreign Defense Ministers from the Thai Ministry of Defence.
Defense Ministers, Chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air force, plus high ranking military officials are expected from India, Cambodia, Brunei, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

Running in conjunction with Defense & Security 2013 will be several highly informative Seminars and Conferences plus live demonstration that will cover a range of relevant areas. All will be delivered by experts in their field and should not be missed.

One of the highlights of this year’ s event will be an International Seminar on ‘ASEAN Cooperation on Defence Production’ which is scheduled for Wednesday 6th November 2013. 

The special Seminar will focus on the ASEAN Security Community – one of the main pillars of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). The 10 ASEAN member countries will form the “ASEAN Economic Community” (AEC) in 2015. ASEAN Defense Industry Collaboration (ADIC) is one of the key sectors of the ASEAN Security Community.

The Seminar’s main objective is to promote collaboration among ASEAN members in regard to defense production. Collaboration will be based on the exchange of experience, knowledge and technical development of defence capabilities among members. Admission to the seminar is free and by invitation only.

Defense & Security 2011 is a private trade show, and not open to the public. Admission is free to officials and personnel from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Royal Thai Armed Forces, Customs, Immigration and other defense & security related areas on an international basis.


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