On July 25, 2022, The State Department made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Singapore of F-15SG Munitions, Follow-On Training and Sustainment, and related equipment for an estimated cost of $630 million. The Defence Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.

The Government of Singapore has requested to buy ninety (90) MXU-651 Air Foil Groups (AFGs) for 2000LB Paveway II (PWII), GBU 10; ninety (90) MAU-169 or MAU-209 Computer Control Groups (CCGs) for 2000LB PWII, GBU-10; one hundred forty (140) MXU-650 AFGs for 500LB PW-II, GBU-12; one hundred forty (140) MAU-169 or MAU-209 CCGs for 500LB PWII, GBU 12; twenty (20) Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) KMU-556 tail kits for GBU 31; twenty-two (22) JDAM KMU-572 tail kits for Laser JDAM, GBU-54; two hundred (200) FMU-152 fuzes; fifty (50) MK-84 2000LB General Purpose (GP) bombs; fifty (50) MK-82 500LB GP bombs; and six hundred twenty-five (625) Mk-82 500LB inert bombs.

Also included are DSU-38 and -40 Precision Laser Guidance Sets (PLGS) for Laser JDAM, GBU-54; KGV-135A cryptographic devices; impulse cartridges, chaff, and flares; training rounds and practice bombs; classified and unclassified software delivery and support; classified and unclassified publications and technical documentation; integration support and test equipment; aircraft and munitions support and support equipment; telemetry kits; military exercise participation and support; transportation, airlift, and aircraft ferry support; jet fuel; aerial refuelling support; personnel training, and training equipment and maintenance; medical and other exercises- and training-related services and support; personnel clothing and equipment; facilities and construction support; and U.S. Government and contractor engineering, technical, maintenance, and logistics support services, as well as other related elements of logistical and program support. The total

The estimated program cost is $630 million.

This proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by improving the security of a strategic partner that is an important force for political stability and economic progress in Asia.

The proposed sale will enable the Singapore Air Force to continue its flight training program to develop mission-ready and experienced pilots to safely and effectively fly its F-15 aircraft, as part of the Peace Carvin V Detachment Training Program. The well-established pilot proficiency training program at Mountain Home Air Force Base will support professional interaction and enhance operational interoperability with U.S.

Forces. Singapore will have no difficulty absorbing this equipment and support into its armed forces. This proposed sale will not alter the basic military balance in the region.

There is no prime contractor involved in this proposed sale. Manpower support will be determined through

competition with defence articles anticipated to come from U.S. inventory, as needed. Sources of supply may award contracts when necessary to provide the defence articles if items are not available from U.S. inventory or are considered long lead-time away. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this sale.

Implementation of this proposed sale will not require the assignment of any additional U.S. Government or contractor representatives to Singapore.

There will be no adverse impact on U.S. defence readiness as a result of this proposed sale.

This notice of a potential sale is required by law. The description and dollar value is for the highest estimated quantity and dollar value based on initial requirements. The actual dollar value will be lower depending on final requirements, budget authority, and signed sales agreement(s), if and when concluded.


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