New shopping cart for the Republic of Singapore Air Force

After ticking off a series of modernisation programmes, the RSAF now moves closer to fulfil the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) 2030 vision of a next generation armed force. With H225M and CH-47F helicopter purchases, the completion of the F-16 Mid Life Upgrade and soon the F-35B in the bag, the RSAF will likely be shifting its gears in the modernisation of other support platforms within the air arm. A number of programmes have been under consideration for several years.

TRANSPORT AND MARITIME PATROL AIRCRAFT Singapore now flies five Fokker 50 Enforcer 2 maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), which have been operational since 1995. Capable of firing the AGM-84 Harpoon and A224/S torpedoes, the warfighting systems are manned by Republic of Singapore Navy personnel, but flown by RSAF pilots. Used extensively in anti-piracy and maritime security operations, Singapore had put out a generic Request For Information sometime around 2015 for a new MPA platform. Saab and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have

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