Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is equally lauded and derided as the world’s most advanced and most troubled fifth-generation fighter. Considering its high price tag and various limitations, many nations in the AsiaPacific are pursuing alternatives, with several domestic fifth- and sixth-generation fighter projects underway. These are being spurred on by China – which to date has flown two fifth-generation jets – and developments and competition between regional powers.

With some 500 delivered to nine customers so far, the F-35 has a major lead over its competitors. Technically, the aircraft is one of the most sophisticated fighters on the market, with decent stealth capabilities, fused sensor information, enhanced situational awareness, network-enabled operations and an extremely sophisticated electronics package that includes comprehensive self-protection systems. However, the F-35’s high price tag has been a major issue, but as production increases, this is slowly coming down, with Lockheed Martin aiming for US…

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