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Sensor solution provider HENSOLDT is further developing its “Kalaetron Attack” jamming system for use on board naval vessels. The fully digital system has proven to be very effective in neutralizing air defence radars in several test campaigns. Now HENSOLDT is using the knowledge gained from land and airborne tests to develop a capability for the electronic protection of naval vessels. To this end, HENSOLDT has entered into a cooperation with RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, Haifa/Israel. Together, the partners initially want to offer an electronic countermeasures (ECM) system for naval vessels in Germany, which is based on the Digital Shark ECM system and a decoy system (C-GEM) from RAFAEL.

“Radar-guided weapons pose a major threat to naval vessels at sea as well as on land and in the air,” says Roland Castor, Head of Airborne Electronic Warfare at HENSOLDT. “We are using the knowledge we have gained from the development of Kalaetron Attack to offer the German Navy a solution to close the capability gap in the self-protection of its ships.”

The Kalaetron Attack jamming system is part of HENSOLDT’s fully digital ‘Kalaetron’ product family, which is used in various forms in self-protection and signal intelligence systems by the German Armed Forces. In addition to cognitive elements of artificial intelligence, the core components are a fully digitized, broadband sensor and an electronically controllable jammer. This enables a broad spectrum of threats to be detected quickly and countered with pinpoint accuracy.

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