HENSOLDT’s Sensor Solutions at DSEI 2021

Detect and Protect on the ground, in the air and at sea

Sensor solutions specialist HENSOLDT presents its broad range of sensor technologies in the Air, Maritime, Land and Security domains at DSEI 2021. HENSOLDT is excited to announce the expansion of its portfolio and will be showcasing a product launch event on Wednesday 15th September.

In the Maritime domain, HENSOLDT will exhibit the SharpEye range of 2D navigation radars and Integrated Navigation Bridge System (INBS). These systems are used extensively by the UK Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary. HENSOLDT will also be presenting a range of multi-sensor optronic masts for submarines, and a new 3D naval surveillance radar, the name of which is due to be announced at a product launch event on Wednesday 15th September.

In the Land domain, HENSOLDT will present its advanced armoured vehicle solutions, including innovative Optronics systems such as MUSS – Multi-functional Self-protection System, alongside SETAS – See Through Armour System. HENSOLDT’s impressive portfolio of advanced active and passive radar sensors for the Land domain is represented by the TRML-4D air defence/weapon location radar and the ground-breaking TwInvis passive radar. HENSOLDT will also feature portable battlefield radar solutions such as its SPEXER 360 and 600 products, which are designed to provide excellent performance in all weather conditions. Alongside HENSOLDT’s system-level technologies, there will be a selection of weapon sights on show.

In the Air domain, HENSOLDT will present its airborne multi-mission surveillance radar PrecISR, along with other HENSOLDT sensors such as the ARGOS II electro-optical gimbal, which can be seamlessly integrated into the new Xplorer Mission System. Helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft are protected by the Airborne Missile Protection Suite AMPS, whilst the modular Kalaetron electronic warfare system provides warning against radar threats, but can also be used for strategic Signals Intelligence in an enhanced configuration. Also, on display is HENSOLDT’s Mode 5-capable IFF portfolio together with avionics equipment such as crash recorders and tactical data links.

In the Security domain, we are focusing on our innovative suite of software solutions which are to include the CxEye Command and Control (C2) Software and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) systems.



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