The new drone model – H2D55 – is the first in Heven’s product line of hydrogen-powered drones, tailored to a wide range of commercial and defence use cases, from reforestation projects to emergency response, last-mile delivery and longer intel-gathering missions

HevenDrones, a leader in the development and commercialisation of actionable drones, launched today its first hydrogen-powered drone for commercial use, the H2D55. With 5 times greater energy efficiency than traditional lithium battery-powered drones, the H2D55 is capable of flying for 100 minutes with a payload capacity of 7kg.

The launch of HevenDrones’ hydrogen product line addresses the challenge of flight endurance and payload capacity associated with lithium battery-powered drones as well as the long-term environmental impact linked to lithium mining. Without the need to frequently replace batteries, hydrogen fuel cells will also lower long-term ownership costs for organisations implementing drone technology at scale.

The H2D55 is the first in a planned lineup of 3 Hydrogen fueled drones that will be released over the next 9 months. The additional models will have increased payload capacity while preserving the longer flight endurance.

HevenDrones has designed its carbon-neutral H2D product line to be fully customizable to the unique goals of its commercial and defence clients. Commercial use case examples range from last-mile and just-in-time (JIT) delivery, measuring the nutrient levels of soil and precision crop spraying to collecting risk-assessment data for construction companies, surveying real estate for reforestation projects and aiding emergency responders in risk assessment and delivery of life-saving equipment. Defence use cases include more extensive surveillance missions and supplying larger quantities of medical aid, food and ammunition to soldiers.

In addition to being lightweight, the H2D55 is programmed with a control system that contains multiple gyroscopes and supporting algorithms to significantly extend the operating limits of stable flight.

“We are delighted to bring hydrogen-powered drones to the global market and we are excited to see the expanding range of use cases across numerous industries,” said Bentzion Levinson, Founder & CEO of HevenDrones. “Not only do actionable drones add immense value to key areas of our economy and society, but we are working to ensure that this value is compounded by reduced carbon emissions and general energy efficiency by using hydrogen. The H2D55 is our first step towards achieving this vision.”


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