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GE Power Conversion reports demand for its electric ship solutions to future-proof the latest generation of naval vessels

This week, GE Power Conversion convened with the world’s leading navies and industry at IMDEX Asia, to showcase its electric ship power and propulsion solutions.

IMDEX represents a respected platform within the large Asia Pacific maritime sector in Singapore, where GE Power Conversion showcased electrification technologies that are helping the world’s leading navies to energize their missions.

GE Power Conversion has an industry-leading, complete range of electric ship technologies and decades of naval sector experience with 15 different navies around the world.

Solutions range from full naval-specification, high voltage electric grids for power and propulsion, to cost-effective hybrid electrification options.

Through integrated electrification, energy management, automation, and control, power in the ship’s electric grid can simultaneously supply high-energy defense systems and propulsion. Energy-efficient electric architectures also serve as an effective way to integrate new, cleaner, energy sources as they emerge, and host digital technologies to implement more autonomous systems.

GE Power Conversion is reporting the increased intensity of customers wanting to engage to understand how they can best use energy across their fleets to create a capability advantage. The business says there is a growing recognition that electrification is critical to new generations of networked mission systems and the right architecture to ‘plug-in’ new energy sources.

Shaopeng Ji, Commercial Operations Leader- Asia Pacific, at GE Power Conversion, explains: “In an emerging new naval era, fleets need to be more mission configurable, highly capable for military advantage, adaptable for technology insertion, and affordable. Increasing power demands on vessels means that more customers are seeking help in future-proofing their ships for higher energy needs, partnered by a roadmap to emissions reduction.”

GE Power Conversion brings capability from having extensive electric and hybrid naval ship system references, leading in applications from the largest, complex warships to the latest support ships.  Expert services offerings and full scale land based test and emulation facilities are structured to provide a complete life cycle solution, reducing risk, increasing reliability, and helping to optimise the operation of assets.

With three decades of expertise in providing power and propulsion capability for the world’s navies’ largest combat vessels (GE’s technology powers more than 90% of the UK Royal Navy’s large vessel fleet, including Queen Elizabeth Class, Type 45 and Type 26 vessels), GE Power Conversion is now seeing increased customer demand for smaller combat vessel solutions. By combining extensive commercial electric drive ship expertise with deep domain naval and coast guard experience, GE Power Conversion provides cost-effective electrification solutions for light combat corvettes and offshore patrol ships, undertaking reconnaissance and submarine deflection missions.

Shaopeng Ji continued: “The Ship’s Electric Grid is hugely versatile, and electric drive ships are just as suited to smaller, lower voltage, more commercial-spec ships in naval and coastguard fleets as to the biggest, higher voltage combat ships. Both are able to combine power for propulsion and onboard equipment in one system. Electric and hybrid power systems are viable choices for modern, multi-role ships seeing increased mission system power demand but needing sustainable, energy-efficient performance for patrol duties.”

RAFAEL and DSIT Unveil Unique Torpedo Integrated Defense Suite for Surface Vessels

modern naval battlespace


In the modern naval battlespace, the threat of torpedoes poses complex challenges for not only submarines but also surface vessels. As the capabilities of torpedoes have advanced, the need for more sophisticated defense has as well. RAFAEL and DSIT have developed a one-of-a-kind solution to address this urgent operational need: a comprehensive torpedo defense suite for surface ships. This innovative suite includes the highly effective Blackfish and Monkfish Torpedo Detection and Alert Sonar (TDAS) Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS) systems, which are designed to work continuously while the ships are at sea and equipped with the latest technology to actively detect, classify, track, and alert on incoming torpedoes.

In addition, the suite features RAFAEL’s ground-breaking TORBUSTER SP hard kill decoy, which can be strategically mounted on ships to deceive and neutralize incoming torpedoes, providing critical seconds for the ships to maneuver and evade attack.

The TORBUSTER SP can defend against both passive and active torpedoes, as well as wake-homing torpedoes. In the case of passive torpedoes, TORBUSTER SP can simulate the ship’s acoustic signature to lure the torpedo away from the vessel. For active torpedoes, it can provide a near real-time tailored response based on the torpedo’s transmission. The TORBUSTER SP is designed to neutralize incoming torpedoes and prevent re-attacks.

RAFAEL and DSIT’s torpedo defense suite is a force multiplier that provides surface ships with ultimate protection against torpedo attacks, giving ship operators a qualitative edge at sea.

Lockheed Martin Showcasing Seahawk and Aegis Combat System at IMDEX Asia 2023

Lockheed Martin is showcasing its maritime and helicopter platforms as a focal point of its presentation at IMDEX Asia 2023, alongside other strategic security solutions. Featured platforms and solutions include the MH-60R Seahawk, CH-53K King Stallion, and S-70 Black Hawk, as well as the Aegis Combat System and the Mk-41 Vertical Launch System.

In addition, this year marks 100 years of Sikorsky. In celebrating a century of innovation and leadership in helicopter technology, the company look forward to sharing more of what makes Sikorsky the leading helicopter brand in the world and its unique relationship with the region.

The Seahawk and the Black Hawk are touted as the ideal candidates to fulfil the requirement for a number of new / replacement helicopter programmes including for the Royal Malaysian Navy and the Malaysian Army.

The Seahawk is in service with the Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thai armed forces while Black Hawk is in service with the Australia, Brunei, Japan, Philippine, South Korea, Taiwan and Thai armed forces.


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