Israeli company showcases manned/unmanned patrol boat

A manned/unmanned patrol boat for homeland security and other applications is being highlighted in France this week by Israel Aerospace Industries.
The vessel being shown at the Euronaval International Naval Defense and Maritime Exhibition is the Katana, which the company launched earlier this year.
The Katana can operate autonomously through the use of an advanced command-and-control station or controlled by personnel on board.
IAI says the vessel has multiple uses, including detecting and tracking ships and boats, protecting exclusive economic zones, harbor security, patrol of shallow coastal and territorial waters, surface and electronic warfare, and offshore platform protection.
IAI describes the Katana as a combat marine system. It’s outfitted with advanced communications systems, weapons systems, and sensor payloads. Additional details of those payloads were not immediately available although the company noted the vessel can be used for long-range surveillance.

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