KAI, a representative of South Korea’s aerospace and Lockheed Martin a global security and aerospace company, signed a teaming agreement by the senior executives of both companies. The agreement escalates an exclusive and strategic cooperative partnership for T-50 marketing between the two companies and has consolidated its commitment to cooperation.

This consultation between the two companies will provide an opportunity to specify the vision between the Republic of Korea Government and South Korea’s Defense industries in November 2021 to aim for exporting 1,000 T-50 jets internationally.

The agreement is focused on competitions expected in the coming years for U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy tactical trainers, the Canada Future Fighter Lead-In Training (FFLIT) program and other opportunities in Eastern Europe, South America, and Africa.

To this end, KAI is making rapid progress by active export negotiations with potential customers, led by President Ahn Hyun-ho as the top management priority.

President Ahn Hyun-ho stated, “With signing of the teaming agreement, we will be able to begin various competitive enhancement activities between the two companies, and I have confidence in exporting 1,000 units worldwide, including the U.S. market, and share the important role of expanding K-defense exports.”

“The T-50 is a proven aircraft program that reduces the learning curve for new pilots and gets them flying operational sorties faster,” adds Aimee Burnett, vice president, Integrated Fighter Group Business Development. “We are proud to continue to partner with KAI on the T-50 to leverage our collective experiences to train the next generation of pilots to fly, fight and win.”


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