Large Israeli Presence at Defexpo 2014:

SIBAT brings 21 Israeli defense companies to Israel’s national pavilion at Defexpo 2014, as part of its ongoing promotion of cooperation between the Israeli defense industry and India .
As in previous years, companies will be presenting their cutting-edge technologies at the Israel National Pavilion, Hall 11 at Defexpo 2014, organized by SIBAT – the International Defence Cooperation Division of the Israel Ministry of Defence (IMOD). SIBAT participates in the formulation of Israel’s defense export policy and coordinates all export-related activities. Among its most valued services are the initiation of collaborative ventures and long-term partnerships, the matching of needs with technologies, and the creation and support of Government-to-Government agreements.

According to the Director of SIBAT, Brig. Gen. (IAF, Res.) Shmaya Avieli: “Israel and India are both facing similar challenges regarding prevention of terror threats, the defence of national borders, and internal security. The operational capacity of Israeli technologies meets India’s defense needs. Israel considers India as a partner and ally in the Global War on Terrorism. The prevention of terror in India contributes to the stability of both countries, and this partnership is important for the ongoing defence of the two democracies. This year, 21 Israeli defense companies will present their cutting-edge solutions, and we invite you to visit the Israel Pavilion to learn more.”

Exhibitors at the Israel National Pavilion

¬¬ACCUBEAT – AccuBeat is a leading provider of Accurate Frequency and Timing solutions for the aerospace, defence, and communications industries. AccuBeat provides COTS and customized, ruggedized products and solutions that are battle-proven in numerous tactical applications, including combat planes, UAVs, transport aircraft, helicopters, ships, missile platforms and ground mobile vehicles. At Defexpo 2014, the company will introduce its new generation rubidium frequency standard, the NAC – Nano Atomic Clock. Exceptionally compact, it is one of the smallest atomic standards, based on unique technology that allows a reduction of dimensions.

BETH-EL INDUSTRIES – Beth-El Industries is a worldwide leading manufacturer and designer of CBRN Air Filtration Systems for Vehicles, Mobile Shelters, Ships, Tents, and Bomb Shelters. Alongside the NBC line of products, Beth-El manufactures Blast Protection Valves and unique Medical Isolation products for pandemic protection – as well as vehicle subsystems such as Fuel Pumps and Engine Air Filters for military tanks and heavy duty trucks. Years of experience within real conflict scenarios, harsh terrains, rigorous testing, and a customer base of more than 60 armies and civilian authorities from around the world, has given Beth-El Industries vast knowledge in the fields of CBRN, blast protection and air filtration.

CAMERO-TECH LTD. – Founded in 2004, and headquartered in Israel, Camero (Camero-Tech Ltd.) is a pioneer and leader in the development and marketing of radar-based imaging systems. Camero’s resources draw on decades of experience providing solutions to major government and commercial customers. The company is part of the SK Group, a leading global defense and security group that includes Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), Meprolight, Israel Shipyards, and others. At Defexpo 2014, Camero announces the purchase by a South Asian customer of the Xaver™100 systems, following the previous successful acquisition and integration of Camero’s Xaver™400 systems.

CONTROP – CONTROP – a company specializing in the field of EO/IR defense and homeland security solutions – is among the world leaders in Electro-Optical Day/Night stabilized camera systems for air, land, and sea surveillance, defense and homeland security applications. CONTROP will be displaying an operating MEOS system at DEFEXPO – for the first time ever at a show. This long-range EO/IR system provides automatic intruder detection and recognition with or without gyro-stabilization, and has been proven worldwide in operational applications for homeland security border, coastal, and perimeter surveillance.

DSIT SOLUTIONS LTD. – DSIT focuses on sonar and acoustic solutions for the naval, homeland security, and commercial markets. The company’s Shield™ family of Underwater Security systems is noted for fully automatic operation, long-range detection ranges to enable response and for its record of operation in different water and weather conditions with zero malfunctions. DSIT has also provided several navies and shipyards with its Portable Acoustic Range which is used to accurately measure your own vessels’ and submarines’ radiated noise.

ELBIT SYSTEMS – Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world. The company will present an extensive array of cutting-edge solutions and systems for the future battlefield at Defexpo 2014, covering UAS, helicopter solutions, intelligence, military communications systems and radios, future soldier solutions and solutions for armored fighting vehicles. The following will make a real-size appearance for the first time in Defexpo: Hermes® 450; Hermes® 90; MRJ – Electronic Warfare system that blocks Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs); and, BrightniteTM – Lightweight compact sensor enables a new level of operational flight, in all night and low-visibility conditions.

ESC BAZ – ESC BAZ is focused on developing and manufacturing cost-effective Video Surveillance and Observation systems, and defense & security communication technologies for military, police, and law enforcement organizations. At Defexpo 2014, the company will unveil its AVIV LR Long Range Surveillance & Observation System for long range solutions. AVIV LR includes an uncooled thermal imager with a 25-225mm continuous zoom lens for long range night vision, a CCD camera and a highly precise pan-tilt unit, allowing for both night and day observation in remote locations, using an intuitive command & control system. In addition, the company will also present its Giraffe Stabilized Long-Range Observation & Surveillance System for All-Condition Surveillance and Reconnaissance; its AVIV short-mid range Observation System; its lightweight, remote ROOSTER Man Portable Surveillance system for hand-held thermal imagers that can be deployed in minutes and more.

IAI – ISRAEL AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES – Israel Aerospace Industries, Ltd. (IAI) is a leader in defense and commercial markets, providing technological solutions for a broad spectrum of needs in space, air, land, sea and homeland defense. At Defexpo 2014, the company will be presenting a wide array of strategic systems, including mission aircraft, UAVs, advanced radar systems, L/MRSAM air defense systems, and command and control systems including cyber and communication systems. In the area of Homeland Security and protection of maritime zones, IAI will showcase integrated maritime systems including UAVs, sensors, radars, and command and control systems. The company will also display an unmanned surface vessel (USV) supporting a wide range of applications, including harbor security, patrol of coastal and territorial waters, surface security, electronic warfare, coastal and offshore platform and infrastructure protection (including oil rigs and pipelines). IAI will also be presenting its BMS, an advanced technology battle-management system for ground forces.

IWI – ISRAEL WEAPON INDUSTRIES – Israel Weapon Industries has been a world leader in small arms for the past 80 years. IWI is a member of the SK Group, which is composed of companies that develop and manufacture a wide array of military products for governmental entities, armies, and law enforcement agencies around the world. The company’s firearms are developed in close collaboration with the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) with final configurations the product of ongoing interaction, field tests, and modifications, resulting from combat requirements and experience.

MEPROLIGHT – Meprolight – a world leader in Tritium self-illuminated sights – designs and manufactures a wide array of electro-optical and optical sights, night vision solution, uncooled thermal sights, fire control systems and LRF devices for armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and civilian markets. The company will display its nigh vision and uncooled thermal sights and devices.

OPGAL – Opgal is a leading global provider of innovative infrared imaging solutions and advanced vision and surveillance solutions. Using state-of-the-art thermal and active-imaging technologies, Opgal leverages advanced electro-optics and image processing expertise to create high performance, versatile visualization hardware and software products for a variety of markets. Opgal is the largest thermal core manufacturer outside the United States, possessing the only non-U.S. facility with a high volume production floor for uncooled thermal cores.

PALBAM DEFENSE – Palbam – a world leader in metal technologies for rockets and missiles – offers its products and capabilities to customers worldwide. Its main products and capabilities include the design and manufacturing of high pressure metal vessels up to 30,000 PSI; rocket and missile airframe and structure parts with capability to build practical solutions for high speed aero dynamic bodies and structure parts; design and manufacture of metal tubes and launchers or any kind of ground or ship missile or rocket of any complexity; stainless steel fuel and water tanks for tanks and APCs; magnesium expertise for Airborne, UAV or future infantry equipment to lower 35% of weight of regular aluminum parts while providing state-of-the-art technology.

PERSYS MEDICAL GROUP – The PerSys Medical Group specializes in manufacturing, marketing, and distributing innovative lifesaving medical devices, including a variety of emergency medical products for Military, EMS’s, Law Enforcement, Disaster Preparedness, Search and Rescue, pre-hospital and in-hospital use. Persys Medical leading products: The Bone Injection Gun (B.I.G.), a lightweight, small, easy-to-use intra-osseous vascular access device; Blizzard Protection thermal protective; and, The Emergency Bandage – an all-in-one bandage solution. Products are used by military and civilian services worldwide.

PERYPHON DEVELOPMENT LTD. – Peryphon Development Ltd. designs and manufactures military and defense communication solutions for naval, aerial, and ground forces. Peryphon’s field-proven products cover a wide variety of needs, from extreme weather conditions to salty environments and from noisy backgrounds to multiple users. Peryphon’s extreme noise control headset system is a revolutionary solution allowing communications under extreme noise levels. Designed for anti-terror units, airborne units, and rescue teams, it consists of a personal control unit that connects to any communication network, controlling ambient noise and enabling users to clearly hear others in the vicinity.

PLASAN – Plasan is a global expert and world leader in the development of customized survivability solutions for tactical wheeled vehicles, aircraft, naval platforms, civilian armored vehicles and personal protection. At Defexpo 2014, the company will present its battle-proven Kitted Hull solution, a manufacture and assembly concept deployed on 20,000 vehicles, in which multiple parts are combined into a kit and applied at the manufacturer’s assembly line. Plasan’s advanced FlexFence is the lightest and most effective passive solution to defeat the RPG threat. FlexFence can be easily mounted on existing vehicle hulls with no design changes.

RAFAEL – At Defexpo 2014, Rafael Advanced Defence Systems will exhibit a comprehensive suite of Land, Air & Naval combat systems designed to address current and future battlefield challenges and complexities. Rafael’s combat-proven systems fulfill a unique role in ensuring swift and accurate results, with minimal collateral damage and maximum effectiveness. The advanced defense solutions Rafael will have on display include: Integrated Air and Missile Defence Systems – Iron Dome, Spyder SR/MR, Python 5, Derby, MIC 4AD; Land Systems – Rafael Advanced Combat-Proven Land Systems for Survivability, Lethality and Maneuverability, with Multimedia Display; Electro Optic and Communication Systems – Reccelite, Litening, Imilite, BNET Family, Tacmax; and, Multi-Purpose, Tactical, Guided Missile Systems – Spike Team Trainer, Technical training for a SPIKE combat team.

SCD – SEMI CONDUCTOR DEVICES – Semi-Conductor Devices (SCD) is involved in a variety of state-of-the-art technological initiatives in diverse fields like MEMs, optical communications, MBE grown antimonide-based compounds detectors (ABCs) and QWIP detectors. SCD is the prime supplier of laser diodes, used in defense applications including airborne and land systems, Range Finders and Designators, and in medical and telecom devices and laser cutting and materials processing systems.

SERAPHIM OPTRONICS LTD. – Seraphim Optronics is a leader in electro-optic surveillance and security equipment. The company will present, for the first time at Defexpo 2014, the ROSS (Remote Observation Sensor System), which features compactness, energy efficiency, and the inclusion of today’s most advanced communications systems. The ROSS can be integrated with a state-of-the-art tactical radar, as well as with small, low-power radars, external controllable sensors including seismic and acoustic sensors, target acquisition solutions, and C4I systems -thus providing the ultimate solution for geographical coverage gaps in border protection.

TAR IDEAL CONCEPTS LTD. – TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd., a privately held company, has rapidly evolved into a leading global defense and security solution provider. TAR offers innovative solutions in the areas of critical infrastructure and border protection, urban management, cyber security, transportation, law enforcement, and natural disaster preparedness. The company delivers fully customized turnkey solutions – from risk analysis, defense systems, and equipment to training, tailored to customers’ most challenging needs.

TECHAYA, INC. – Techaya, Inc. is a prime developer, innovator, and manufacturer of military rugged and tailor-made IP-based communication solutions where extreme conditions and unique tactical requirements must be met. At Defexpo 2014, the company will launch its new router, which supports advanced managed PoE capabilities: from 1-port to 24-ports, up to 95W/port (PoH), with the lowest power dissipation, unique power supply management, dynamic power management, and dynamic POE allocation per port via advanced switch management interface. Many NATO forces use Techaya’s solutions on a regular basis, and the company’s products are embedded in some of the most advanced projects in the world – including Australia’s Digital Soldier project and the Digital Army project in Israel.

VERINT – Verint Communications and Cyber Intelligence Solutions help Law Enforcement, National Security, Defence Forces, and other government agencies neutralize terror and crime, facilitate communication service provider compliance with lawful interception mandates, assist public sector organizations in detecting and thwarting cyber attacks. In addition, Off-Air Intelligence Solutions portfolio offers field intelligence and special operation units a single source for virtually all their tactical intelligence needs.


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