McDonnell Douglas Helicopters relies on Thales’ lightweight rocket launchers for its global customers


DSA (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), April 17th 2018 – Thales is pleased to announce the qualification of the FZ220 rocket launcher for unguided and guided munition (70mm) on the latest McDonnell Douglas’ light helicopter (MD530G). This qualification follows the trials ran in Arizona, in Yuma Proving Ground (YPG), a United States Army facility in March 2018.


This qualification takes place while McDonnell Douglas is helping modernize the light helicopter fleet for multiple countries across the globe, including the Malaysian Army. A new modern platform can now be equipped by a Thales solution and offers more opportunities to the forces around the world.


Low mass is of utmost importance in helicopter applications. Thales’ light weight rocket launchers made out of composite material are on average about 50% lighter than comparable metallic rocket launcher and have no corrosion issue. They have been especially developed for rotary wings due to limitation of payload.


Thales is continuously innovating and adapting its systems on light helicopters. This qualification paves the way to further business opportunities for the FZ220 rocket launcher.


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