Naval Group’s Centre of Excellence in Singapore launches three R&D projects

Naval Group’s Centre of Excellence in Singapore recently launched three R&D projects to boost the safety and security capabilities of the maritime industry.

Drawing on the strong technological know-how of Naval Group and the vibrant dynamics of Singapore’s R&D landscape, the Centre of Excellence will create a chat-bot to help a crew operate a vessel safely, and implement an Internet-of-Things sensor network on-board for dedicated crew health-monitoring.

In addition, the team will develop a software simulator environment to train, validate and examine the joint interactions of disparate sensors and navigation/collision avoidance algorithms, all of which would bring Autonomous Ships closer to reality.

To support these three-year projects, the Centre of Excellence is keen to hire individuals proficient in technologies that straddle Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Software Engineering.

Via its geographical presence, the Centre of Excellence also aims to reinforce Naval Group’s cooperation with the local industry and academia by co-developing innovative technologies for the maritime sector.

“Our Customers expect innovations and disruptive solutions. Innovation is present in every step of our products’ life cycle, from design, through manufacturing and integration processes and all the way to service support activities, it is part of our DNA and culture”, said Anthony Girard, Managing Director of Naval Group Far East Pte Ltd.

He added: “Singapore encompasses many strengths such as its high level of security, its position as a first-rank global trading hub, its cultural diversity, and its vibrant innovation ecosystem. Thus, Singapore has been naturally identified as the ideal location for the Group’s first R&D centre abroad.

Barely a year after the opening ceremony of its Centre of Excellence in Singapore, despite a challenging sanitary crisis context, Naval Group and its staff are proud to launch these R&D projects aiming at improving operations in the maritime industry. These innovative projects will kick-start tomorrow’s solutions for the benefit of the Singaporean maritime and innovation ecosystem.”



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