PT Pindad officially presents Sanca-Indonesia’s first Mine Resistant Armored Vehicle
Jakarta, November 3rd 2016:
PT Pindad today officially launched its new military vehicle, known as Sanca – Indonesia’s first Mine Resistant Armored Vehicle.
Sanca is advantageous to support military operations, designed to perform a diverse range of mission profiles, combining high levels of blast and ballistic protection with excellent off-road mobility.
Sanca expands the PT Pindad range in addition to the Anoa, Komodo and Badak models, and is based on the Thales Bushmaster design, customized for Indonesia’s operational needs. It is particularly well adapted for new Indonesian National Army missions such as peacekeeping and special forces operations. Some potential customers already expressed their enthusiast about this product such as Peace Keeping, Infantry, Special Forces, and Police.
The Bushmaster, already in service with the country’s Kopassus special forces, is a family of highly mobile, ballistics, mine and improvised explosive device (IED) blast resistant military vehicles comprising the following variants: Armored Personal Carrier, Command, Ambulance, Assault Pioneer, Direct Fire Support Weapons & Mortar, and Electronic Warfare.
In service with several countries such as Australia, Netherlands, Japan, Jamaica and Indonesia, Bushmaster has successfully protected and saved lives on operations, and is battlefield proven in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.
Sanca is the result of extensive collaboration between PT Pindad and Thales, including the development of specialized local content that will benefit Indonesian defense companies and increase Indonesian expertise in mine resistant vehicles.
Abraham Mose, CEO of PT Pindad, explained: “The fruit of a successful collaboration between Pindad and Thales, Sanca is ideally suited to the military, peace-keeping and internal security operations of TNI. With this new vehicle, our soldiers will be able to fulfil their missions while being fully safeguarded against mines and improvised explosive devices. Sanca will protect our troops and save lives”.

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