RUAG positions itself as a strategic partner to Tactical Air Support (Tactical Air). The U.S. Navy has awarded an F-5 modernisation contract to U.S. company Tactical Air. RUAG will take on maintenance work on 22 F-5 aircraft and their engines, as a subcontractor.

The project is a comprehensive modification program and includes, among other things, a cockpit and radar upgrade developed by our partner Tactical Air. The contract also includes various maintenance tasks on F-5 aircraft and their engines. For this purpose, the U.S. Navy awarded a corresponding contract to Tactical Air in early July. As a subcontractor to Tactical Air, RUAG will be responsible for specific MRO services on 22 F-5 airframes as well as for the overhaul of 44 J-85 engines. The U.S. Navy acquired the aircraft from the Swiss Air Force just over two years ago.

“This contract marks an important milestone for RUAG: it gives us the ability to preserve our unique competence with regard to the F-5, which is vital to our core business, thus allowing us to make our contribution to sovereign security for Switzerland. It also strengthens our position on the international market,” emphasized Thomas Kipfer, Senior Vice President of the Air Business Area.

Tactical Air is a civilian company that provides “red air” aircraft for tactical aviation training and technical advisory services to its customers, which include the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. Tactical Air intends to serve international customers as well.
“RUAG has built the relationship with Tactical Air Support through continuous exchange over recent years. I am very pleased that the efforts and perseverance have paid off. With this contract, we are laying the foundation for a mutually profitable partnership that can be further expanded,” says Philippe Erni, Vice President Marketing & Sales.

For sovereign security. We at RUAG make a significant contribution to Swiss security. As a future-oriented technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, we focus on life cycle management, operations and availability of military systems. All business activities are therefore strongly oriented toward the procurement programs of our main customer, the Swiss Armed Forces.

Our comprehensive product and service portfolio includes unique subsystems and components for tracked and wheeled vehicles, fighter jets, military helicopters, and air defence. We also provide reliable information and communication solutions, as well as comprehensive maintenance and repair services.

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