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KUALA LUMPUR: Fresh from its selection for the French Army’s tactical UAV system requirement, Sagem is promoting its Patroller UAV to Asia-Pacific countries especially Malaysia. The Patroller UAV is one of the many Sagem products being highlighted at the on-going DSA 2016 from the 18th-21st at the PWTC here.

Sagem UAVs & Aerosurveillance vice-president Patrick Durieux told Malaysian Defence, the Patroller UAV is very suitable to meet the requirements of both civil and military agencies. He said it is capable over-flying sensitive zones during conflicts, or monitoring areas for sports events, coastal zones and border areas or areas affected by disasters from forest fires to floods.

He said the Ground Control Station allows operators to control the UAV in real time and getting high-resolution pictures and videos from the EO turret.

The Patroller = derived from the S15 motor-glider has endurance of 20 hours based on a 250kg. Durieux said another important feature of the Patroller is that it can accomodate any type of sensors that the customer specifies.

The baseline version is fitted with an EO/IR turret while other options from SAR/GMTI, marine radar, ELINT and AIS could also be specified.

The contract for the Sagem Patroller for the French Army’s Système de Drones Tactiques (SDT) tactical UAV system requirement, was signed April 5, 2016. Patroller won the SDT tender over competition from the Thales Watchkeeper.

The contract= worth reporrtedly USD340 million – covers the delivery of two operational Patroller systems, each including five UAVs and a ground control station. Also included are a further four Patroller UAVs and two ground stations for training and a 12-year maintenance agreement.

First deliveries are expected in 2018.

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