SYNCH Application for Communication, Command and Control Based on Technology Developed by Elbit Systems-Is Helping United Hatzalah Volunteers Taking Part in Search & Rescue Mission

  Elbit Systems Ltd. is helping the United Hatzalah rescue forces who have gone to the disaster zone in Turkey.  The rescue team is using the SYNCH system, which was developed by Elbit Systems using advanced communication and command and control technologies, developed as part of the Digital Land Army Project as well as for modern armies around the world and then adapted to civilian applications.

SYNCH is an application designed to manage the collaborations between all medical personnel in the disaster zone together with United Hatzalah’s command centre in Jerusalem.  In addition to everyday life-saving tasks, the application has already gone through several “baptisms of fire” during multi-causality incidents.

SYNCH centralizes the work with all individuals deployed in the field and where the team supervisors can manage all the United Hatzalah emergency and rescue teams on a map and can use various tools to guide and assist them in their mission. The teams at the disaster zone can transmit voice messages, photos and live video from the field as well as send updates to the command and control centres.

The application works on any cellular network and allows the teams to be quickly deployed in any environment that has network coverage while maintaining contact with parties both in the field and in Israel.

SYNCH is installed on cellphones as an application, turning them into a combination of a walkie-talkie, WhatsApp and navigation and mapping device– making it an all-in-one application.  In conjunction with the Pelephone cellular network company, the system is helping United Hatzalah on a daily basis to save lives.

Haim Delmar, General Manager of Elbit System’s C4I and Cyber Division said: “We are proud to make our technology, developed for operational purposes, available for the effort to save lives in Turkey.  The cooperation with United Hatzolah and Pelephone, SYNCH has been saving lives every day for several years.”

Zohar Eli of United Hatzalah: “Our cooperation with Elbit is very professional and long-term.  Especially in such events, the connection between the delegation and the international emergency centre of United Hatzalah is extremely important – and there is no doubt that this cooperation helps to save lives.”

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