ST Engineering Joins  Hands with Cisco and IBM to Safeguard

Cyber Landscapes

Building a secure cyber infrastructure and developing best-of-breed solutions to secure IT and

OT networks



Singapore,  24 October 2018 – ST Engineerings Electronics sector today announced that it has partnered with Cisco Security and IBM to develop integrated cybersecurity solutions that safeguard information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) security networks of Industrial Control Systems, to enhance the safe operations of critical infrastructures that deliver essential services such as energy, aviation, maritime and land transport. The threeparty collaboration will combine proven engineering capabilities, technical expertise in the network security space, and advanced analytics capabilities of the three technology powerhouses to develop an integrated and secure reference solution architecture.



The architecture, a solution guide to help companies design their cybersecurity infrastructure, will help companies and owners of critical information infrastructures counter cybersecurity challenges by integrating capabilities to secure both IT and OT networks. It will also provide a consolidated overview and analysis of cyber events to enable security teams to address cyber incidents more collaboratively.



The collaboration will see the integration of Cisco Security’s solutions, IBMs QRadar platform as well as ST Engineerings technology and engineering expertise, to deliver best-of-breed solutions. The three partners will also explore building a Centre of Excellence to demonstrate and promote the integrated cybersecurity offerings developed through the collaboration, including cybersecurity training and industry certification.


We are very honoured to partner with Cisco Security and IBM. This demonstrates the confidence leading industry players have in ST Engineering as a proven technology partner capable of delivering integrated and efficient solutions that meet customers’ needs. In this fastevolving threat landscape, cybersecurity needs to be an intricate part of any system or network design. We are confident that this unique and dynamic collaboration will develop robust solutions to help





companies secure their networks,” said Mr Goh Eng Choon, General Manager of InfoSecurity, Electronics, ST Engineering.



According to a recent report by Cisco, companies across Asia Pacific do not address half of the legitimate cyber threat alerts they receive. Titled  Cisco 2018 Asia Pacific Security Capabilities Benchmark Study, the study highlights that among those surveyed, 53 percent of companies receive more than 10,000 alerts each da

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