A400M aircraft successfully carried out a mission to bring back a Nuri aircraft, M23-28 from No. 7 Skn housed Detachment OP Pasir, Tawau to Kuching Air Base, today.

Nuri aircraft based at No. 7 Squadron, PU Kuching is the last aircraft that has been assigned as Detachment OP Pasir, Tawau before the operation of Nuri aircraft is terminated after more than 50 years of service in the RMAF service.

The Nuri helicopter transfer mission known as “Op Rhino Return” was led by MAWILUD 2 Staff Chief, Brig Gen Muhammad Taha bin Hamdan RMAF as the Head of the evacuation Steering Team and accompanied by the Commander PU Kuching, Col Mohd Azwan bin Mohd Pohari RMAF.

For this evacuation mission, the A400M aircraft from No. 22 Skn based at Subang Air Base (PU Subang) departed at 6.00 a.m and arrived safely at Tawau Airport at 9.00 am. Subsequently, the process of uploading Nuri aircraft into the A400M aircraft body was carried out with the involvement of Air Operations Command Headquarters (MPOU), Air Regional Headquarters 2 (MAWILUD 2), Kuching Air Base (PU Kuching), Labuan Air Base (PU Labuan) and Air Operations Assistance Center ( PBOU), Tawau.

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