thyssenkrupp Marine Systems: Strategic partner to the Norwegian navy

Following an extensive selection process by the Norwegian defense ministry, thyssenkrupp
Marine Systems – a leading global system provider for submarines and naval surface
vessels – has been chosen as a strategic partner to the Norwegian navy.

The new German-Norwegian partnership is based on the joint purchase and lifetime
management of identical submarines, which are to be delivered in the second half of the
period 2020-30. In the selection process to find the best submarine partner, Norway
pursued an evolutionary approach.

The fact that thyssenkrupp Marine Systems can supply an existing submarine that has already been deployed with great success was an important
criterion in the decision as it avoids the need for a lengthy and expensive development project.

Dr. Peter Feldhaus, CEO of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH: “We are extremely
pleased and proud that we managed to convince Norway of the superiority of our proven
technology, our reliable budget and most of all our overall concept that will create value for
both nations and its partners – especially those of the industrial cooperation.”

The decision by the Norwegian defense ministry underlines the importance of the strategic
partnership between the two countries and lays the foundations for the sustainable
development of the Norwegian defense industry.

The initial plan is to purchase four submarines to replace the four Ula class vessels
currently in service. The German bid is based on the HDW class 212A submarine, ten of
which have already been produced.

This class will be developed further for Norway and
delivered as HDW class 212NG (Norway-Germany/Next Generation). The technology used
in submarines by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is seen as leading because no other
conventional submarines can stay submerged and operate undetected for such long


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