FLIR Unveils Key Additions to Griffin G510

Portable Chemical Detection System


New Features Help Speed and Improve Real-Time Chemical Threatment Confirmation in the Field


FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) has announced the availability of multiple enhancements to its Griffin™ G510 portable GC-MS chemical detector to help responders analyze and identify drugs, chemical agents, and other toxic substances faster and more effectively during field operations. Major new features on the G510 give users access to an expanded onboard drug library, as well as a new quick-search capability for chemicals and hazardous substances.


To optimize response time, a new ‘Method Selector Wizard’ uses on-screen prompts to guide operators in selecting the best pre-installed method for sample analysis. The G510 then automatically analyzes and compares the sample for a match against one of its multiple built-in libraries, confirms and displays the results. On the hardware side, a new vehicle-mount accessory allows the G510 to be used for road and off-road missions.


“These upgrades are all about simplifying the job for responders so that in critical situations they have everything they need in the Griffin G510,” said Dennis Barket, vice president and general manager of FLIR’s Detection division. “The more easily and quickly experts in the field can identify chemical hazards, the faster operations can begin to manage and contain a threat. The overriding mission is to keep people safe.”


FLIR has supplemented the G510’s industry-standard NIST Mass Spectral Library and added the Scientific Working Group for the Analysis of Seized Drugs (SWGDRUG) library of more than 3,000 drugs and related compounds. The company also developed GRIFFINLIB, which offers users a condensed and customized set of the most common chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, explosives, and other volatile organic compounds for more rapid identification with high confidence.


FLIR’s Griffin G510 is a portable gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC-MS) system widely used by domestic and international response teams to perform real-time chemical threat confirmation in the field. The G510 supports reconnaissance, emergency management, hazardous materials response, forensic investigation, environmental monitoring, and remediation missions worldwide.


The vehicle-mount accessory is now available for purchase, while the Method Selector, GRIFFINLIB, and SWGDRUG library upgrades are included free with new system purchases. Existing customers can contact FLIR for assistance with upgrades. To learn more about the FLIR Griffin G510 and these features, visit

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