Israel Aerospace Industries and SixAI Partner to Convert Military Technology to Commercial Deployments

The partnership will initially focus on the commercialization of green energy, Industry 4.0 technology, and drone technology

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and SixAI have announced a partnership to leverage IAI’s technological expertise into developing dual-use technologies. The partnership will focus on commercializing IAI’s military technologies and their adaptation to current civilian market needs.

IAI and SixAI will jointly own the partnership and manage it, leveraging the experienced IAI management and R&D teams and SixAI’s commercialization capabilities.

The first phase of the collaboration will focus on three core domains:

Green energy, including technologies for energy production, utilization, and storage.

Industry 4.0 includes optimizing machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, automation of production lines, IoT deployments for enhanced automation, automated monitoring and control, and manufacturing of intelligent machines for humanless problem-solving.

Monitoring and managing low-altitude commercial drones, including command and control over commercial platforms in an urban environment, training for drone operators, and more.

Boaz Levy, IAI President and CEO, “We are excited to form this partnership with SixAI. Our collaboration is part of IAI’s new strategic roadmap of leveraging technologies and R&D capabilities to create dual-use technologies for commercial implementation. IAI’s military technologies have contributed significantly to the security of the State of Israel, but have also been a source of technology diffusion that benefited the civilian market, as seen in recent deployments in the fields of agriculture, mining, cybersecurity, and medicine.”

Ran Poliakine, Founder and Board Member of SixAI, “SixAI’s partnership with IAI will help project the capabilities of the Israeli technological know-how beyond military and homeland security. Converting existing IAI dual-use technologies will enable us to introduce to the world game-changing solutions that could potentially solve pressing global challenges such as humanitarian issues, traditional industrial employment, and the climate crisis. I look forward to collaborating with IAI, an organization, which is a true inspiration, at the forefront of global innovation.


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