Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) has announced the launch of the National Manoeuvre Air Defence System (NOMADS), a highly mobile, ground-based air defence system designed to protect army manoeuvre units close to the frontline against increasingly complex aerial threats.  

NOMADS has been developed for the Norwegian Army and is tailor-made to address current and future challenges.

The system consists of a SHORAD (Short Range Air Defence) module mounted on an armoured mechanized vehicle with high off-road mobility. This module integrates key command and control functions and applications from the medium-range NASAMS system and includes a passive seeker missile and an AESA radar. The system is capable of detecting and intercepting drones, UAVs, cruise missiles, helicopters, and aircraft.

In addition to its armour, NOMADS is equipped with a Remote Weapon Station (RWS) for self-protection. The system is vehicle agnostic.

“NOMADS can defend against small, short-range targets as drones and cruise missiles, providing unique protection against threats like those currently seen in Ukraine. Its configuration is designed for rapid movement over rough terrain and with unprecedented into-action-time,” said Kjetil Reiten Myhra, Executive Vice President Defence Systems, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

The NOMADS project is a collaboration between KONGSBERG, the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency. The NOMADS units tested and delivered to the end user in Norway have received excellent feedback.

A unique system 

NOMADS is tailor-made to protect manoeuvring army forces, transportation routes, command centres, and logistical areas in a dynamic land combat environment. The system’s high mobility, manoeuvrability, firepower, and level of protection meet the standards for mechanized units, which NOMADS is designed to provide air defence coverage.

Furthermore, the air defence capability with command and control (C2), radar with IFF, and missiles are combined on a single platform. This enables autonomous air defence operations with NOMADS both day and night.

Unmatched capabilities

NOMADS is optimized for maximum battlefield efficiency, typically networked and integrated into NATO Integrated Air & Missile Defence (IAMD). The system can be easily adapted to any NATO-compatible ground-based air defence (GBAD) mission or unit.

The advanced and easy-to-operate command and control system can prioritize threats and launch multiple missiles at different targets simultaneously.

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